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Specialized in direct marketing and financial services industries, NI is to deliver the creative large scale web solutions to our customers. Our motto: innovation made in china.

Nirvana Profile

Nirvana Information Inc. was founded in March 2007 by executives from the Silicon Valley start-ups and leading Chinese enterprise software companies. Since inception, our company has been undergoing breath-taking growth even amid the Great Recession. The key to our growth is our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. Taking great pride in the company's roots in its engineering prowess, our team lives and breaths by our own collective belief: innovation made in China.
With our unique corporate culture which blends the best from the west and east, Nirvana Information Inc has attracted a group of talented individuals from the Fortune 500 China software development centers and leading software companies. Unlike other software development companies, 20% of our developers have over eight years experience in architecting and developing enterprise software solutions. To encourage innovation, we've established the first technical fellowship position in our company. Simply put, we hire the best and brightest. The 90% retention rate is another proof of our success in building a sustainable business for our customers and our company alike.
Nirvana Information Inc is able to leverage its talents to establish strategic partnership with companies in the U.S in the form of offshore development center. The high concentration of senior people makes agile development our preferred methodology for start-ups and rapid development projects. We've been delivering projects to our customers on time and under budget.
Our other main business focus is to provide end to end solutions for direct marketing and financial services industries in the U.S and China. After years of research and development effort, N-direct, our flagship product in direct marketing industry has been widely implemented in several major U.S. insurance companies and China auto dealerships. Our products help to improve the end users' productivity, reduce their marketing cost via multiple marketing channels, and expand their reach to the new customers.
We welcome you to explore Nirvana information Inc, your innovative products and services partner.